Community Service

Public Outreach

One of the missions of the NKC is to teach people about responsible pet ownership, as well as how and where to find purebred dogs. Come learn about and even meet purebred dogs at the many booths the NKC hosts at events across the city. This year, we will be at the Wilson County Fair and Dog Days in the Park.

Assisting Dogs In Need

Unfortunately there are people out there who consider breeding dogs to be a for-profit venture.  The dogs are the ultimate victims, raised in horrific conditions with inadequate space, veterinary care, affection and love.

When puppy mills are discovered and raided, many members of the NKC step up to the plate to help these dogs begin new lives.  From veterinary care to grooming at Nashville Humane, our club rises to the challenge to bring a better quality of life for these dogs through volunteer efforts.

A group of kennel club members met at Nashville Humane on June 7, 2009, to bathe and groom 19 dogs seized in a Van Buren County raid.  Because of the poor conditions in which the dogs were kept, the grooming needs the dogs require is more than the staff at Nashville Humane can handle.  Several of our kennel club members were more than happy to share their grooming skills with these dogs, bringing them comfort and human contact as they transition from unthinkable conditions to new, loving homes.

The club has assisted the Nashville Humane Association multiple times grooming puppy mill dogs.  The team consists of Joy Dillon, Susan Cole, Ann Woodward, and Denise Malone.

NKC Towel Drive

Do you have any used towels, sheets or blankets in good condition? Would you like to help dogs in need?

The NKC is collecting towels to provide to the Nashville Humane Association and Metro Animal Control.  Please bring your used towels to any kennel club meeting.